UBS Payroll Software 9.5.1

UBS Payroll & HRM is designed to make the payroll process simple yet accurate and efficient. It is designed to meet both management and statutory requirements.

UBS Payroll Software 9.5.1

With its monthly, weekly, daily and hourly piece rated computation, it is an effective payroll system for all types of businesses and industries. To make it more convenient, UBS Payroll is able to submit net salary data via diskette to credit employee salaries through the bank.

UBS Human Resource Management is designed to help small and medium-sized businesses manage their personnel more effectively and efficiently. It is a flexible solution to facilitate the management of standard human resource related procedures via electronic application modules, such as leave and reimbursements / claims submission / control, resource requisition, and performance appraisal processes. UBS Human Resource Management can be integrated with UBS Payroll and UBS Time Attendance System.


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